Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice

There’s no doubt you’ll find a perfect hardwood flooring material for every room you need to be floored. Some many options and characteristics cater to homeowner needs that vary significantly from product to product. For instance, you'll find excellent visuals, durability, and lifespan for floors that Provide everything you need.

Consider these hardwood flooring facts

The hardwood flooring experience starts with a species that fits your specific requirements, as some are much harder than others. These harder species work well for active homes or where pets and children live, offering outstanding durability that can last up to 100 years for solid materials and an average of 30 for engineered products. However, in areas with less traffic, softer species are certainly a feasible choice. You’ll also be able to choose a stain color that allows you to match your current décor perfectly. Some homeowners prefer a light to clear glaze, especially with species such as cherry or some other naturally colorful wood. However, others choose dark, rich stains that offer a timeless look that never fails your interior design scheme. For below-grade spaces that need flooring, we recommend engineered wood flooring. It performs well in the dampness, humidity, and temperature changes that are often found in these basement areas. You'll still get to choose a perfect species, stain, and finish, but you’ll also benefit from the material’s layered construction, which provides the durability you need. You can refinish these floors, up to several times depending on the thickness of the natural wood veneer, for a like-new appearance for the life of your flooring.

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